Call for Proposals for Future ISPA Symposia

Call for Proposals for Organization of Future ISPA Symposia

ISPA Steering Committee encourages proposals for organization of future ISPA symposia by teams desiring to hold ISPA. Proposals are requested at least 2 years in advance of the proposed year. Proposals for future years' ISPA symposia will be discussed at each ISPA symposium.

Proposals by teams desiring to host future symposia are currently invited for:

Please contact for more information or to send proposals. Please observe the instructions below when preparing your proposal.

Required Elements of Proposal for Organization of ISPA Symposia

Decisions about organizers and locations of future ISPA symposia are made by the ISPA Steering Committee. The Steering Committee also approves the General Chair(s).

A short proposal for organization of ISPA symposia should have length of one to two pages. The proposal should contain the following information:

Guidelines for ISPA Symposium Organizers

The following are the guidelines for organizers and general information about ISPA, its organization, and technical program.

General Guidelines

Calls for Papers

Symposium Publications

Technical Program

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