Call for Organizers

Call for Proposals for Future ISPA Symposia

Call for Proposals for Organization of Future ISPA Symposia

ISPA Steering Committee encourages proposals for organization of future ISPA symposia by teams desiring to hold ISPA. Proposals are requested at least 2 years in advance of the proposed year. Proposals for future years’ ISPA symposia will be discussed at each ISPA symposium.

Proposals by teams desiring to host future symposia are currently invited for:

  • ISPA 2019, Europe, Deadline for proposal: October 2017
  • ISPA 2021, Europe, Deadline for proposal: October 2019

Please contact Dr. Sven Loncaric for more information or to send proposals. Please observe the instructions below when preparing your proposal.

Required Elements of Proposal for Organization of ISPA Symposia

Decisions about organizers and locations of future ISPA symposia are made by the ISPA Steering Committee. The Steering Committee also approves the General Chair(s).

A short proposal for organization of ISPA symposia should have length of one to two pages. The proposal should contain the following information:

  • Information about the academic group (team) proposing to organize ISPA.
  • Proposed dates of the symposium. It is particularly important to analyze conflicts with other related conferences.
  • Proposed organizing institution.
  • Sponsoring societies and organizations (EURASIP, IEEE, and other proposed sponsoring entitites).
  • Names and affiliations of the General Chair and the Program Chair.
  • Proposed location of the symposium (symposium venue) and discussion of available facilities (lecture rooms, e-mail access, etc.).
  • Planned social items, such as lunches, receptions, and possible sightseeing activities.
  • Estimated registration fees and overall budget.
  • Accommodation information (hotels, prices).
  • Travel information (how to reach the symposium location).

Guidelines for ISPA Symposium Organizers

The following are the guidelines for organizers and general information about ISPA, its organization, and technical program.

General Guidelines

  • ISPA is held every other year, usually in September. The duration of the symposium is three to four days.
  • ISPA is an inter-society event – it has been co-sponsored by EURASIP and by IEEE. In the future, ISPA may also be sponsored by other professional societies, based on decisions by the ISPA Steering Committee and by the sponsoring society.
  • ISPA web site at the address will be maintained to contain all relevant information about the symposium.
  • ISPA is typically jointly organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, Croatia, which is the founder of the ISPA series of symposia, and by another university, which is the main organizer.

Calls for Papers

  • ISPA Steering Committee should be consulted before the Call for Papers of a forthcoming ISPA symposium is announced.
  • Manuscripts should be limited to six pages (see the ISPA Author Instructions). No extra pages are allowed.
  • ISPA requires electronic submission of manuscripts in PDF format.
  • Each submission goes through an international peer-review process.
  • A mansucript can be accepted in the program as oral presentation or poster presentation.
  • ISPA Best Student Paper Award will be awarded to student author(s) of the best paper as selected by the Best Paper Committee.

Symposium Publications

  • ISPA publications are proceedings book(s) in paper form, CD-ROM proceedings, and a pocket-size (1/3 A4) program booklet with session/room arrangements and time schedule for all presentations.
  • The organizers of each ISPA symposia agree with the Steering Committee’s terms on symposium publications.
  • All accepted papers will be published on symposium CD-ROM and in the proceedings book(s). Poster papers are published in the proceedings materials in full length, in the same form as oral papers.
  • CD-proceedings are included in registration fees for all participants (regular and student). Paper proceedings book is only available with extra payment.
  • Proceedings book(s) and CD-ROM proceedings are available during the symposium.

Technical Program

  • The symposium program of each year consists of high-quality contributed papers on all aspects of image, video, and signal processing and analysis. Original (previously unpublished) manuscripts on various related topics are solicited.
  • Decisions on invited speakers should be discussed with the Steering Committee.
  • The preferred number of parallel sessions at ISPA symposia is no more than three.
  • In addition to presentations of accepted papers and invited talks, the organizers of each ISPA symposia are also encouraged to organize special sessions, workshops, tutorials, and image and signal processing software/product demonstrations.
  • Prospective organizers of special sessions are encouraged to send proposals for special sessions to Program Chair(s). Special sessions consist of 4-6 papers concentrated to a specific area/application of image and signal processing and analysis.
  • Workshops, tutorials, and panels are an integral part of the symposium program each year, and therefore the Workshops Chair, Tutorials Chair, and Panels Chair should discuss all submissions and other relevant information with the Program Chairs and General Chair, before ranking and accepting proposals.

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